What we can do

These are just a selection of our favourite enhancements that we offer. Whatever you have in mind, just let us know and we'll endeavour to make it happen.

Skin retouching

Have a beautiful portrait that is just slightly tainted by a blemish, spot or just something that isn't quite right? We can airbrush that right out! 

Airbrushing objects or people out

Is an object or stranger in the background ruining an otherwise perfect photo? We can airbrush them out to make it just the way you want it.

Merge multiple photos into one

Have a few photos where one person is blinking in one, and someone else in the other? Or those people look great in that photo but that other photo has a better background? We can merge the two into one, seamless, perfect photo.


Boost dull colours

Make those dull photos really pack a punch by boosting the colours. This really adds vibrancy.

Branding imagery

Whether its buildings or pens, vehicles or food shots, we can super-impose your logo/branding onto your images to give them that professional touch.

Estate agent photos

Looking to sell a property? Whether you're the home owner or estate agent, getting the property photography looking it's best is essential. We can change features to show how it may look, turn the dull grey sky to a naturally sunny one, and lots more to help future buyers imagine moving in!

Brightness & contrast

Dark and dull photos can be turned into bright and impactful ones. This often can reveal extra hidden details that weren't visible before.

Resizing/cropping your photo

Need your photo a certain size or format for a particular frame? Just let us know the size and we'll get it straight.

Photo restoration

Old photos can be the most precious. Preserve them before its too late. We can scan your printed photos and restore any damages to them so that they stay looking the way they should, forever.

Remove red-eye

Know when your friends or family look like some kind of red-eyed robots? Not anymore, we can set that right and you can look them in the eye again!

Antique effect

Give your photos an elegant look by changing them to black & white or sepia, as well as many other styles.

Whatever you dream of, we can probably do

Is there something else you want that we've not listed? Just let us know what you want and we'll do our best to make it a reality. Chances are, we've already done it in the past.

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